About us

Langata Legal Aid Centre is a registered Community Based Organization started by trained paralegals and community members in 3rd October 2017. The group realized the need to provide legal advice to marginalized communities initially in Kibra but has since expanded to cover the entire Nairobi County, Kenya through Paralegals Network.


Langata Legal Aid Centre supports the poor and marginalized in access to justice and to realize respect for human rights through advocacy, networking, lobbying, legal Aid, representation, advocacy, litigation and research.


Towards an empowered, involved and responsive society on Legal, Social–Economic and Political development intervention 


To transform and educate the public by supporting the development of highly accountable leadership in all sectors and at all levels of governance with gender equality and women’s empowerment as a core principle of development and human rights as a core tenet of our operations. 


To engage with communities in advocacy and legal aid  towards realization of human rights as tenet legal empowerment. 


      To offer legal advice to marginalize communities

      Mobile legal aid clinics

      Legal representation to marginalized groups  

      To empower communities on human rights through advocacy and training 

      To research and document community human rights issues

      To facilitate community peace and security initiatives

      To facilitate gender and development

      To promote community awareness and capacity building of Paralegals and special groups  


      Offer legal aid to the marginalized communities

      Empower the marginalized on human rights through advocacy and training 

      Research and document community human rights issues

      Facilitate community peace and security initiatives

      Gender mainstreaming in community development  


Respect for rule of Law 
Transparency and accountability 
Access to justice for all